Katalon and salesforce account testautomation course

Comprehensive course covering both Katalon and Salesforce automation, ensuring learners gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge in these areas

As of April 2023, Salesforce had over 150,000 customers worldwide. This number includes a wide range of businesses, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinational corporations, across various industries and regions.
Salesforce's extensive customer base is a testament to its position as a leading CRM platform and its ability to cater to diverse business needs.The course is allowing you to learn how to automate Salesforce masterdata integrated with a salesforce development account in UI and API. At a latter stage also Mobile will be added

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course modules

module 1 : Overview Katalon and Salesforce Automation

“Introduction to Katalon and Salesforce Automated Testing” is a comprehensive course designed to equip learners with essential skills in automating testing processes for Salesforce applications using Katalon. Salesforce, with its extensive customer base, offers a complex environment for end-to-end testing, presenting a unique opportunity for testers. Katalon simplifies this task, providing a seamless integration for both UI and API testing of Salesforce applications. Throughout this course, participants will delve into automating Salesforce’s master data management, starting with UI and API interfaces, and later expanding to mobile platforms. By the end of this course, learners will have gained both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, enabling them to automate testing in Salesforce effectively using Katalon. This skillset is invaluable in today’s technology-driven market, where Salesforce remains a critical tool for businesses worldwide.

module 2 : Configuration and Download

In this module you will work handson downloading and installing Katalon studio and Salesforce dev

What You Will Learn

  • Installation guide Katalon: Understanding the core concepts of Katalon and its advantages over other testing tools.
  • Setting Up Your Environment: Step-by-step guide to installing Salesforce Dev and setting up your testing environment.
  • Download template: Step-by-step guide to installing Salesforce Dev and setting up your testing environment.
module 3 : Creating and managing tests in Katalon Studio

Creating and managing tests in Katalon Studio for Salesforce, especially with a focus on data-driven approaches and test objects, streamlines the testing process for this robust CRM platform. Katalon enables testers to define test objects dynamically, representing various UI elements within Salesforce, facilitating seamless interactions during test execution. By incorporating a data-driven methodology, tests in Katalon can automatically iterate over multiple data sets, allowing for comprehensive validation of Salesforce functionalities under different scenarios. This approach significantly enhances the efficiency of test creation and management, as testers can reuse test cases and objects across different test scenarios with varying data inputs. Furthermore, Katalon’s integration with Salesforce supports both API and UI testing, enabling thorough end-to-end automation. Overall, Katalon provides a versatile and efficient environment for handling Salesforce tests, making it easier for teams to ensure the reliability and performance of their Salesforce applications.

module 4 : Excution and generating reports

Execution and report generation in Katalon Studio are streamlined processes designed for efficiency and clarity. Once you have scripted your tests, executing them in Katalon Studio is as simple as selecting the desired test suite and clicking the run button. During execution, Katalon Studio performs the tests, capturing every step and outcome in real-time. Upon completion, Katalon automatically generates detailed reports, providing insights into the success or failure of each test case. These reports are accessible within Katalon Studio and can be exported in various formats for sharing or further analysis. This feature not only saves time but also enhances the ability to quickly identify and address issues, ensuring the reliability and performance of your application.

module 5 : Advanced testing techniques

In this module you will get knowledge of some advanced testing techniques with Katalon studio, CICD,and using a selenium grid icw katalon studio

module 6 : API testing with Salesforce

API Testing with Salesforce

API testing with Katalon and Salesforce is a critical component for ensuring the reliability and performance of Salesforce applications. By leveraging Katalon’s comprehensive testing capabilities alongside Salesforce’s robust API ecosystem, teams can create powerful automated tests that verify the functionality and security of their Salesforce integrations and workflows. This introduction guides you through setting up API testing within Salesforce, highlighting the importance of incorporating API testing in your test data management strategy. Understanding how to create and manage APIs in Salesforce’s Object Manager is the first step toward achieving a seamless testing process. API testing plays a crucial role in identifying discrepancies and vulnerabilities early in the development cycle, making it an indispensable part of modern software development practices. With the right setup, teams can automate their testing processes, reduce manual errors, and ensure their Salesforce applications meet the highest standards of quality and performance. This overview will not only demonstrate how to configure API testing in Salesforce using Katalon but also underscore the significance of integrating these tests with test data management to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

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