About us

Welcome to the go-to plaform for learning automated testing, where over 20 years of hands-on industry experience shapes our approach to test automation. Our mission extends beyond the surface level; we delve deep into the whys and hows of test automation, leveraging firsthand experience to unveil its critical importance and organizational strategies. What began as a hobby has, by the end of 2023, evolved into a professional pursuit driven by passion and a dedication to advancing the field.


Empowering the Next Generation of Testers Through Playful Automated Testing Learning

Our story is one of growth, passion, and continuous learning. Starting as a personal hobby, the fascination with test automation grew into a compelling force that pushed us towards professionalization in 2023. This shift was not merely a change in status but a commitment to sharing our accumulated knowledge more systematically and broadly, marking the beginning of a new chapter in our journey.

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Ralph van der Horst

CEO en Freelance testconsultant

With a strong foundation in automated testing, Ralph van der Horst has noticed an important issue in the field: there's no single, easy-to-use source for experts of all levels. Using his vast knowledge, Ralph wants to fix this problem. His goal? To build a place where information and abilities in automated testing are not only present but also simple for people everywhere to use. Whether you are very experienced and want to get better, or you are new and want to learn, Ralph's work aims to improve your skills. He is dedicated to making everyone better, not just by improving personal skills but by helping the whole community. Ralph wants to make the advanced knowledge of automated testing easy for everyone to understand and use.

Our Mission and Vision

We specialize in test automation across the spectrum of low-code and traditional coding languages. Our expertise spans across leading frameworks and tools such as Playwright, Cypress, WDIO,OutSystems Test Automator, Katalon,Postman and more. Our services are designed to cater to the diverse needs of the digital age, ensuring robust, scalable, and efficient test automation solutions that drive quality and performance.

Our strength lies in our team—a dynamic blend of consultants, educators, freelance partners, and company associates. This multifaceted team is the backbone of our company, bringing together expertise from consultancy, educational services, and hands-on test automation to create a holistic approach to service delivery. Our unique composition is essential for navigating the complexities of marketing, sales, SEO, and other critical areas necessary for our success. Our core values are the compass that guides our actions and decisions. We are committed to enriching the community with our knowledge, contributing to open source projects, and spearheading R&D initiatives within the open source domain. Education is at the heart of what we do, from speaking at conferences to training testers within companies and supporting reintegration efforts. Our goal is to not only advance test automation practices but also to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential. We're always eager to connect with others who share our passion for test automation. Whether you're looking for services, interested in collaboration, or simply wish to learn more, reach out to us at ralphvanderhorst@learnautomatedtesting.com.