Why i prefer postman ready API over rest assured for API testing

Feb 26, 2024 | by Ralph Van Der Horst

Why I Prefer Postman-ReadyAPI Over RestAssured for API Testing


In the digital realm where checking if online services (APIs) work correctly is vital, various tools like RestAssured, Postman, and ReadyAPI come into play. My experience has led me to favor Postman and ReadyAPI over RestAssured, especially when embracing the “shift-left” approach and involving business users in the testing process. Let’s explore why!

1. Easy to Use & Inclusive:

The simplicity and user-friendly nature of Postman and ReadyAPI make them accessible to everyone, even those without technical know-how. This inclusivity allows business users to actively participate and accept tests, fostering a collaborative environment and contributing to the quality of the APIs, a scenario less feasible with the Java-dependent RestAssured.

2. Shifting Left with Confidence:

Postman and ReadyAPI support the “shift-left” strategy, encouraging testing early in the development cycle. This approach, coupled with the tools’ approachability, enables non-technical users to be involved from the start, leading to early issue detection and resolution, and ultimately, a higher-quality product.

3. Centralized Test Management:

Having everything in one place is a strong suit of Postman and ReadyAPI. Managing, organizing, and running tests is less complicated, compared to RestAssured, which operates within a more complex coding environment.

4. Collaborative Testing Environment:

The ability of Postman and ReadyAPI to facilitate easy sharing and collaboration makes group projects a breeze, unlike RestAssured, which lacks built-in collaborative features, making teamwork more challenging.

5. Business User-Friendly Acceptance Testing:

Postman and ReadyAPI shine in enabling business users to conduct acceptance testing effortlessly. They offer a realistic platform for verifying whether the API aligns with business requirements, ensuring the final product meets both user expectations and business goals.

6. Seamless Integration & Regular Testing:

Integration with CI/CD pipelines is straightforward with Postman through Newman. This ease in setting up automation ensures that regular testing becomes an integral part of the development cycle, maintaining consistent quality, a facet that is more effort-intensive with RestAssured.

7. Empowering Non-Technical Stakeholders:

The involvement of business users in the testing process using Postman and ReadyAPI provides valuable insights into the APIs’ functionality and performance. This active participation empowers non-technical stakeholders to make informed decisions and contribute to aligning the development with business strategies.


The preference for Postman and ReadyAPI over RestAssured is evident when considering the shift-left approach and the involvement of business users in API testing. The user-friendly nature, collaborative environment, and seamless integration of these tools make them instrumental in enhancing quality and aligning development with business objectives. While RestAssured has its strengths, the inclusivity and ease of use offered by Postman and ReadyAPI make them my go-to choices for a more collaborative and comprehensive testing experience.

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by Ralph Van Der Horst

by Ralph Van Der Horst

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