Outsystems testautomator

Mar 8, 2024 | by Ralph Van Der Horst

Outsystems testautomator

In collaboration with Shanny Anoep, a skilled OutSystems Developer Architect, we’ve developed an innovative UI Test Automator for OutSystems applications. This tool, born from a vision I harbored during my tenure as a tester at Vopak, addresses a significant gap in the OutSystems platform: a comprehensive testing solution.

Outsystems Testautomator


At the heart of this endeavor is my constant R&D mindset to enhance the testing landscape for OutSystems. Despite its development capabilities, I noticed that OutSystems lacked an integrated testing tool that could streamline and automate the testing process. This realization gave me a desire to create a tool that would not only fulfill this need but also elevate the overall development and deployment process for OutSystems applications.


Leveraging two decades of experience in test development and management, coupled with Shanny Anoep’s Outsystems architectural expertise, we started swiftly to create this tool. Our combined skills allowed us to rapidly develop the OutSystems UI Test Automator. The tool is designed to run scripts natively, enabling testers and developers to automate their UI testing processes efficiently.


The OutSystems UI Test Automator represents a significant leap forward in testing for OutSystems platforms. It offers native script execution capabilities, making it easier than ever for teams to ensure their applications meet the highest standards of quality and performance. We are now looking for partners to enhance this tool. Our vision for the OutSystems UI Test Automator is not just about creating a tool; it’s about fostering a more efficient, reliable, and seamless development ecosystem for OutSystems users worldwide.

The technology

The script itself run in cloud grids in AWS and can cost effitively be triggered on demand Also I will and can integrate perfectly with parties like browserstack, sauce labs, etc. The setup can easily be migrated to Azure , google Cloud or vendors like Browserstack. It has AI capabilities, and will create the best scenarios for your needs when setting up testcases. Also performance testing will be embedded in the tooling shortly, leveraging on the monitoring aspects of Outsystems itself

outsystemstesting demo testautomator

No-Code Test Creation

  • The UI Test Automator enables the creation of test scripts without the need for coding. Users can define test cases through a graphical interface, making test automation accessible to testers and developers, regardless of their coding expertise.

Screenshots Included

  • During test execution, the tool automatically captures screenshots. This is invaluable for documenting the test execution process and for identifying issues, as it provides visual evidence of the test at various stages.

PDF Reports

  • Upon completion of tests, the tool generates comprehensive PDF reports. These reports include detailed logs of the tests executed, outcomes, and any screenshots captured during testing. This feature aids in transparency and simplifies the analysis of test results.

Built for OutSystems, CI/CD Integration

  • Specifically designed for OutSystems applications, this tool seamlessly integrates with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines on espace level. This integration ensures that testing becomes an integral part of the development lifecycle, facilitating early detection of issues and promoting the delivery of high-quality software.

Cloud-Based Test Runs

  • The test automator is cloud-based, meaning that test scripts can be executed in a cloud environment. This offers scalability, allowing for the simultaneous execution of multiple tests, and eliminates the need for extensive local infrastructure.

Soon: Integrated Performance Testing with Locust

  • Beyond UI testing, the tool includes performance testing capabilities, utilizing Locust for this purpose. This integration enables users to conduct load testing and assess the performance of OutSystems applications under various conditions.

Soon: AI Test Case Creation

  • Leveraging artificial intelligence, the tool can automatically generate test cases based on the application’s behavior and user interactions. This advanced feature helps in covering more test scenarios and ensures thorough testing by predicting potential user paths and edge cases.


The OutSystems UI Test Automator developed by Shanny Anoep and myself is a sophisticated R&D, no-code solution for automating UI and performance testing of OutSystems applications. Its integration with CI/CD pipelines, combined with cloud-based execution, AI-driven test case creation, and comprehensive reporting, makes it an essential tool for teams aiming to enhance the quality and reliability of their OutSystems applications. Like we mentioned, as we are developers we are striving for a commercial partnership to monetize it. This is your chance to do so, and we will make the best selection

Dm me ralphvanderhorst@learnautomatedtesting.com and or contact us via linkedin

by Ralph Van Der Horst

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