In the upcoming two/three weeks, we’re as Bsure-digital BV are excited to announce the launch of not just a blog portal, but also a comprehensive demo/learn portal. This demo/learn portal is designed to be a sandbox for testers, offering a multitude of features, from API testing cases to UI automation, where they can hone their skills in real-world scenarios.

One of the highlight features will be our ‘Bonus Freelance Calculator’. This isn’t just a calculator, but a guided learning experience. Testers will navigate through managing requirements, understand intricate processes, and even set up test cases in tools like Postman. They will experience the seamless integration of CI/CD with Newman and delve deep into tools such as ReadyAPI and SoapUI.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for more surprises! 😊

Below already a sample of what students employees, companies can learn within our learn portal

Case API testing

Requirements for the Freelance and Midlance Calculator using AWS Lambda and API Gateway


An online tool for freelancers and Bonus to calculate potential earnings based on various criteria.

Functional Requirements:

1. Input parameters:

  • Type: Freelancer or Midlancer
  • Hourly rate: The hourly rate the user wishes to calculate upon.
  • Hours per week: Number of worked hours per week.

2. Output:

  • Total earnings: The total amount earned based on the hourly rate and the number of hours worked.

3. Error Handling:

  • The application should display error messages when invalid values are entered.

4. Integration:

  • Utilize AWS Lambda for the calculation logic.
  • Use API Gateway to create a RESTful API endpoint for front-end applications to communicate with.

The api gateway poc lambda is already created and requirements will be implemented.


  1. If you working on this project, please tell me what you need from me, as a product owner in order to test!
  2. can you explain the business proces of this api,what do you want to achieve
  3. Testcases: Can you create some testcases written in your repo or testdriven to showcase what you do test with this api
  4. CICD, when you are done in your gitlab,github project, can you create a testcase for CI/CD so e.g. with newman or a docker in soapui

a peak of the demo portal !

and an api which is exposed for testing purposes

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